Collection Miep Camps

About the collection

The collection Miep Camps consists of 11 objects of Bedouin adornment. They have been collected by Miep Camps during her time as travel guide in Israel.

They have been donated to Qilada by Miep’s partner of 40 years, Mrs. Romijn. Miep traveled to Israel and Palestine for the first time when she was a student at the School of Journalism, and was taken in by the history and beauty of the region. She continued to live and work as travel guide for many years. During these years, she collected bits and pieces of the Bedouin of Palestine and Sinai that appealed to her.

The collection holds a variety of pieces of Bedouin adornment, ranging from a beaded amulet and bags to small pieces of silver jewellery. These testify to life in the desert in changing circumstances and show the wide geographical area the Bedouin moved in: the collection holds pieces from Egypt, southern Palestine and Bethlehem as well as pieces that have parallels in Syria and Jordan. Additionally, Miep collected household objects such as coffee pots and oil lamps.

We are currently working to photograph each piece in detail and to provide accurate descriptions and cultural background information as well as references.